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Criminal Defense

High Stakes | Holistic Strategy

When you've been charged with a crime, the stakes are high.  Jail time.  Fines.  Damage to your reputation.  Loss of your job.  These potential consequences demand a serious and professional response.  Attorney Jonathan D. Watson understands this.  Regardless of the charge - whether DUI, drug possession, assault, traffic violation, any charge - he
zealously fights for your innocence and justice, uses every procedural and evidentiary advantage available, and constantly seeks to minimize your exposure.  This complex and holistic strategy excels because Mr. Watson limits his criminal defense docket to only a few cases at a time; this allows extreme focus on each client and on each case.  The results speak for themselves.

A Client-Focused Defense

North Alabama is full of lawyers and law firms claiming to be the best, the most experienced, and the most dedicated.  Mr. Watson's approach focuses on you, the client, and on achieving the best outcome possible.  In his own words:
"First, I realize how you feel.  Uncertainty.  Anxiety.  Questions about the future. Being faced 
with a criminal charge is unsettling.  I understand and will address all of your questions patiently and 

      Second, I defend you like I would want to be defended.  My time and energy is devoted to fighting 
      for your rights.  If I believe I will be unable to give you the undivided attention you deserve for whatever 
      reason, I will tell you so and help you find a capable attorney that can.

     Third, I take pride in the service I provide to my clients, constantly keeping you informed on 
     the status and progress of your case
.  I give my cell phone number to all of my clients; and
     when you call, if I'm available, I answer.  If not, I return your call as soon as I can.  When you hire a        
     criminal lawyer, you should be able to speak to him or her when you need to.  You don't have to worry
     about tracking me down.

      Finally, I know you are concerned about legal fees.  A
good criminal attorney isn't cheap.  And the 
      risk of jail time, fines, a damaged reputation, and loss of your job aren't worth saving a few pennies. 
 I'm sensitive to your financial needs.  I offer some of the most competitive and affordable rates
      in North Alabama.  I provide my clients with a focused and aggressive criminal defense and fight
      tirelessly for their freedom, interests, and rights."

                        -    Jonathan D. Watson
                             Attorney at Law

 Successful Results | Attorney Jonathan D. Watson

Morgan County, CC 2014 - ****, City of Decatur v. K.D.
Harassment | NOT GUILTY (Jury Verdict)
K.D. was accused of threatening his former brother-in-law.  He was found guilty in City Court (Mr. Watson did not represent him then) and appealed.  The case was tried before a jury of twelve.  After a very short deliberation, the jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY.

City of Decatur, TRT 2014 - ****, City of Decatur v. M.M.
Improper Passing | DISMISSED
M.M. was charged with illegal passing of a tractor-trailer.  In reality, he had been forced to pass to avoid a collision.  Regardless, Mr. Watson discovered that he was incorrectly charged on the ticket. As a result, the Prosecutor agreed the charge was due to be DISMISSED.

Morgan County, DC 2013 - ****, State v. S.A.
S.A. was charged with Theft of Property 3rd and was alleged to have aided and abetted two accomplices in the theft of certain property from Wal-Mart.  Mr. Watson argued that the State failed to present prima facie evidence of S.A.'s alleged association with the crime.  The Judge agreed.  JUDGMENT OF ACQUITTAL.

Morgan County, CC 2011 - ****, State v. L.H.

DUI of a Controlled Substance | DISMISSED

L.H. was stopped by a Morgan County Sheriff's Deputy driving south on Interstate 65.  The deputy stated that he immediately detected the smell of marijuana.  L.H. had been smoking a legal herbal tobacco product.  Disposition: DISMISSED.  L.H. tested negative for marijuana only four days after the traffic stop.  Mr. Watson produced this evidence, and the District Attorney's office rightly dismissed the case.

City of Decatur, CRM 2012 - **** | City of Decatur v. K.L.
Assault, Resisting Arrest, Public Intoxication | DISMISSED

K.L. had a little too much to drink one evening and involved himself in a barroom brawl.  Though he managed to leave the bar, he did not make it home due to his intoxication.  The police forcefully detained him charging him with assault, resisting arrest, public intoxication, and harassment.  Disposition: More serious charges of Assault and Resisting Arrest DISMISSED.  Minimal fines for the other charges.

Madison County, DC 2012 - ****, State v. K.N.
Running Red Light | NOLLE PROSSE (Dismissed)

K.N., a successful student, had an unblemished record and wanted to keep it that way.  Even though the charge was a minor one, Mr. Watson aggressively pursued the dismissal of the claim and succeeded in securing a NOLLE PROSSE, that is, a Dismissal of the charge.  K.N.'s record remained clean.

Morgan County, DC 2012 - ****, State v. K.Q.
Mr. Watson successfully defended K.Q. against the allegation that K.Q. had issued a worthless check.  Upon Mr. Watson's cross-examination, the witness admitted that he had not received the check from K.Q.; as such, the State failed to make a prima facie showing that K.Q. was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  Mr. Watson moved the court for a judgment of acquittal; the Court agreed, and K.Q. was cleared of the charge.  JUDGMENT OF ACQUITTAL

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