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Expungement | A Clean Slate

The State Legislature of Alabama recently enacted law that allows the citizens of Alabama to clear their record under certain circumstances.  Attorney Jonathan D. Watson understands this law and can quickly and efficiently clear your record.  This law has the ability to change lives.

Who Is Eligible to Clear a Criminal Record?

In Alabama, expungement laws don’t cover every possible criminal record. Only those who have been charged without conviction of a misdemeanor or non-violent felony may erase their record.

Misdemeanor Offenses | Violations | Traffic Violations | Municipal Violations

Record of misdemeanors offenses and the violations noted above may be expunged if any of the following are true:

(1) the defendant was found not-guilty; OR

(2) the charge was dismissed with prejudice or was dismissed without prejudice more than two years ago (and was not refiled); OR

(3) the charge was no-billed by the grand jury.

Felony Offenses

Only non-violent felonies are eligible for expungement and one of the following must be true:

(1) the defendant was found not-guilty

(2) the charge was dismissed with prejudice or without prejudice more than five years ago (and was not refiled)

(3) the charge was no-billed by the grand jury

(4) the defendant completed their diversion program (if applicable)

(5) the defendant was not convicted of any other crimes or violations within the last five years, excepting minor traffic violations

Are There Any Felony Charges that Cannot Be Expunged?

Any violent felonies that are included in the Alabama Code do not qualify for expungement:



burglary / robbery

domestic violence



sexual abuse / rape / sodomy

murder or manslaughter

*Misdemeanor charges for domestic violence may still be expunged.


Mr. Watson understands that you are concerned about the cost of expunging your record.  There are various fees charged by the State and County when one files to expunge his or her record.  However, Mr. Watson’s fees are straightforward and clear.  He has a flat-fee schedule determined by the seriousness of the offense to be expunged and the necessity of a court hearing.  Attorney Watson's rates are some of the most competitive in northern Alabama. 

Find Out If Your Criminal Record Can Be Expunged!

If you think that your record could be cleared, then please contact criminal defense attorney Jonathan D. Watson to discuss your situation. He offers a free consultation, so you have nothing to lose! He will review your record and let you know if you can begin pursuing the expungement process.

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